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If you’re an amateur boxer about to turn professional and you’re looking for a coach – if you’re a boxer or a coach looking for a manager – if you’re a boxer, coach or manager looking for a promoter – you’ve come to the right place!

Just as every business needs a strong team behind it to ensure its success, every young boxer planning to turn pro needs the right support to reach his or her full potential.

And, as every one of the professionals currently trained, managed and promoted by Scott Calow knows only too well, there’s no substitute for time and experience when it comes to the team in your corner.

The journey begins by finding the right coach, one with first-hand experience of the discipline and the in-depth knowledge and qualifications needed to guide the aspiring professional in the right direction.

Working together, the coach and boxer then need to seek out a manager who is experienced at all levels, is well connected and has a good relationship with the BBBofC.

Completing the support team is the promoter whose role is to invest time and expertise in the boxers’  careers, putting on first class shows local to the their home towns and giving them ample opportunity to showcase their skills and progress in their professional careers.

To find out how you can join The SC Stable, email now or call / text him on 07876 641055 and take the next step to building or growing that all-important support team.

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