Looking back – looking forward

As 2020 comes to end, Boxing Connected’s Scott Calow takes a look back at the past few months and looks forward to the months ahead…

“It’s been a difficult year for everyone of course and we’ve certainly had our share of ups and downs here in the boxing world,” says Scott.

“But 2020 began pretty well for us on the promoting side, when Kent-based Joe Elfidh and I joined forces to make Boxing Connected a limited company and went on to start the year with three shows on consecutive weekends in Doncaster, Maidstone and Nottingham.

“And although such events have been on hold since the end of March, I’m now looking forward to getting back to promoting more fight nights up and down the country soon, working closely with both Joe and Michael White.

“With most of the professional boxers I manage able to get back to full training, I decided it was time for me to return to the role of trainer myself and am now back on it, training the majority of the pros I manage. A few new signings have been added to the list too, among them the former good amateur Jordan Bradley, who came on board just a few months ago.

“Watch this space – I’ll have a couple of exciting new signings coming soon and hopefully they’ll have the opportunity to showcase their skills in the ring in the not too distant future alongside the others I’ve been managing and promoting for some time now.

“Top of the list for 2021 at the moment are Joe Hughes, Jack Hutsby and Kyle Hughes. I’ll be pushing for title opportunities for both Joe and Jack and, after a couple of comeback fights, looking for a meaningful match up for Kyle as well.

“On the amateur side, the team at Huthwaite Boxing Club has pulled out all the stops to get our up and coming youngsters back in the gym. Special thanks to head coach Jordan Turner who has worked hard over the past few months to ensure they have a safe and secure environment in which to continue doing what they enjoy most despite the restrictions currently in place.

“Thanks too to everyone who’s supported us throughout the year – the families, friends and fans who were there for those shows at the start of the year and the professionals and amateurs who’ve kept up the good work training whenever it was allowed.

“None of us can be certain exactly what it’s in store for 2021 but we’ll be doing everything we can to ensure we fulfil our promise to bring you all the best in British boxing, both in the gym and in the ring.”

Featured images from Nottingham Calling, March 2020 – by Richard Jackson

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